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I’m In is a Campaign to Increase Diversity in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are an essential part of the drug development process. Regulatory agencies such the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) use information gathered from clinical trials to decide if an investigational medicine is safe and effective so that it can be made available to patients. One of the biggest obstacles to the successful completion of clinical trials is finding volunteers to participate in the research. There are many barriers to increasing participation in clinical trials; however, a key barrier is a general lack of awareness and misunderstanding about the clinical trial process. We know that diseases affect people differently. This heterogeneity of disease can also impact how a patient responds to medicines. We need to use science-based approaches to identify the patient populations that are most likely to benefit from an investigational medicine. For some diseases, the people we most need to study may be the very ones that have been historically underrepresented in clinical trials, such as African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanics. However, people can’t volunteer if they aren't aware of the opportunity to participate. All people, regardless of their background, should have access to helpful information about clinical trials and should have the opportunity to determine if participating in a clinical trial is the right choice for them. I’m In exists to change that.

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I'm In because it's important to spread health messages for men to be more actively engaged in their own health.

Alex Orton,

Men’s Health Network

I'm In because Latinas are critically underrepresented in clinical trials and it is crucial to the vitality of our community that we do our part to participate and potentially save lives.

Amy Hinojosa,


I'm In because clinical trials are a critical step in the process of finding new treatments for all women with ovarian cancer.

Laura Koontz,

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance

I'm In because I've met so many people who are here today because of clinical trials. They're the future of medicine!

Annie Deck-Miller,

Roswell Park Cancer Institute